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About Us

We are a diverse group of specialists who have originated, together, with a common purpose and goal.
Our professional engineers and developers span from across the globe with many years of experience in both land based and online casino development. Amuzi’s team is made up of quite simply the best people in its field.


Business Partnerships
Ensuring that we have our operator’s interests in mind, we welcome constant interaction. Communication is paramount in any business relationship. We are committed to making the most entertaining and innovative gaming platforms in the market and look forward to your comments and experience to help us improve.


Our Credibility

Our credibility is your credibility. Both the team and products adhere to the most stringent of standards, set by world renowned gaming regulators. We produce quality and we are proud to say that we work with the utmost integrity. Amuzi’s games go through the most rigorous of random number generator testing to ensure fair play to players and operators alike.

Responsible Gaming

We support and promote responsible gaming. As an online casino we build our reputation on trust and promote and encourage responsible gaming. As the online gaming industry grows and continues to magnify, it’s vital that parameters are put in place for all patrons.

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